Who is andrew garfield dating now

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Meanwhile Ryan Gosling (who was climbing up onstage to receive his award when the kiss happened) joked, “I mean, I’m happy for them, honestly, you know?Good for them.” Stone, still chuckling, said, “I’m happy for them, too.”Blink and you might have missed the homage Golden Globe nominee Andrew Garfield paid to his ex-girlfriend and Golden Globe winner Emma Stone on Sunday night.

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The two reunited at the Governors Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday night and couldn’t look happier to see each other.But if you review the tape, Zapruder-style, an interesting little Golden Globe nugget emerges.If you look back and to the left (back and to the left) of Stone as she ascends the stage, you’ll see Garfield giving her a proud standing ovation and, it would appear, “woo-ing” appreciatively. Note that no one else at Garfield’s table—not Ryan Reynolds, not Blake Lively, not Jake Gyllenhaal—was on his or her feet.Sometimes, it just seems that two people really, really belong together. They’ve been broken up since October 2015, but the world just can’t seem to accept that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are really, truly over.The longtime lovebirds may have the most bittersweet breakup in Hollywood— they remain close and root for each other, no bitter feelings there.

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