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If # random_sleep is 0 or negative, the program will run immediately.

# 6*60 = 360 random_sleep = 360 In my opinion the first it’s the most interesting, while on rhel/centos 6 we were unable to choose which kind of update do in automatic we are plenty of options in rhel/centos 7.

If emit_via includes email, this # program will send email itself according to the configured options.But sometime we don’t want to do update certain packages such as Apache Server (HTTP), My SQL, PHP and other major applications, because if such updates may harm currently running web application on server or you may stop updates till the application gets patched with new updates.In this article we will show you how we can exclude (disable) certain package updates using YUMtool.To get started with Docker EE on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, make sure you meet the prerequisites, then install Docker.Docker Community Edition (Docker CE) is not supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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