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So much of her story arc since Faking It premiered has been centered around Karma, be it her friendship with Karma, her feelings for Karma, or simply letting Karma's actions dictate her own. But it did give her some power over Amy, even if she didn't wield it.

Amy has compromised her own feelings for Karma on numerous occasions, whether because she chose to do it or she felt like she had to do it, and the result has been nothing less than some truly heartbreaking performances from both Rita Volk and Katie Stevens. And when Amy chose herself over their friendship at the end of Season 2, it was a crushing moment for Karma because for once she wasn't the one holding the power or dictating what happened in their friendship.

Change is hard, but it's natural, and if Amy and Karma can't find a way to move past their issues, maybe they have no business being friends anyway.

To contrast to the ongoing Amy and Karma drama, Faking It also tackled male friendship in the season premiere "It's All Good," when Liam became jealous that Shane had grown close to Dylan, Karma's new boyfriend and a recent transplant from Hawaii.

Amy was right to leave and she was right not to apologize for choosing to do something for herself rather than for Karma.

But Karma was equally valid in her argument that Amy had hurt her and that she didn't have to accept Amy back into her life simply because she'd returned.

Similarly, Lauren faced her own friendship issues in the wake of Lisbeth's departure, and she was auditioning new friends for a friendternship.High school and the years that follow are a transitional time for everyone.Some lifelong friendships won't live past graduation while others may last decades.Although she never left Texas, Karma also went through a summer of self discovery, and she'd made new friends, including Shane, and started dating someone new in Amy's absence.It's hard, as viewers, to see Amy and Karma on the outs when their friendship has been the beating heart of the series since its inception, but based on the three episodes MTV released to critics for review, this new development is leading to some of the show's richest stories and hopefully something great for both women.

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