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This southern Florida city is also a popular destination for art galleries, shopping, Hispanic restaurants, and sports teams like the Miami Hurricanes, the Miami Heat, and the Miami Dolphins.Since the city always has different activities going on, staying up to date on them is important for both locals and tourists.

Recognized as "Miami's #1 Hit Music Station," Y100 is powered by i Heart Radio and features over 10 on-air hosts including Michelle Fay and Roxy Romeo.See more » Let me be perfectly frank and say right away that I watched this to experience Robin Williams at his best.That guy has so much comedic talent, it's unreal. but I found that it also contained some truths about the Vietnam war. Any fan of Williams' comedy will definitely enjoy it, and I think most war-movie buffs will too...We forget how serious and all-consuming war is, just like Adrian had(not necessarily the real one, I know nothing of him except of what the film told me, and as far as I understand, that's not that accurate a portrayal of him), only to be confronted with it. Miami is known for its beaches, architecture, fun nightlife, and of course, the Cuban coffee.

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