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The application process, which is independent from that of the Ontario Universities' Application Centre, uses a separate application form.

The Selection Board informs applicants no later than mid-May.

RMC offers 34 graduate studies opportunities, including 14 doctorates.

Cadets can choose to specialize in Aeronautical Engineering, Chemical Engineering 1965-1981, 2001-, Chemical and Materials Engineering: 1992-2001, Computer Engineering (Hardware or Software streams) 1983-, Civil Engineering 1965-, Electrical Engineering 1965- and Mechanical Engineering 1965-. Engineering Physics was offered 1975-1995 and Fuels and Materials Engineering were offered 1982-1991.In addition, they must meet the Canadian Forces' general admission conditions (officer): The college recruits well-rounded students in the areas, which correspond to the four components.In addition, RMC gives extra weight to those applicants with second-language skills, although this is not a requirement.The science programs are relevant to occupations in both the Canadian Forces and the civilian sector.Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts gain practical communication and critical thinking skills as well as specialized, hands-on experience in their chosen field.

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