Aish dating questions

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Marsha Nemon, a massage therapist from Walled Lake, found herself at the back of Caribou Coffee one Sunday evening chatting with Sherman Laxer.

Nemon, 43 and never married, said her mother passed along an ad for Speed Dating.

But during that span, the two people sitting across from each other can't talk about their jobs or where they live, and they can't give out their phone numbers.

Meet Speed Dating, a dating service for Jews who say they can't find a Jewish mate.

In yesterday's message we learned that God does not challenge people beyond their capacities.

Pass the cup to the left hand and pour water over the right hand (up until the wrist).

It was not until 50 years later that Jews became qualified for public office.

Personality traits are like raw material, intrinsically neutral.

The chat has helped thousands of users to find the information they are looking for or chat about a burning issue.

The start of a long-lasting relationship could take only seven minutes of conversation in a coffee shop.

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