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She said she’d read that people in the sex industry are only there because they’ve been forced into it, or because they were sexually abused as children and then make warped decisions about their sexuality as adults. The reality is that I had a happy childhood that was completely devoid of abuse of any kind. My parents cooked dinner for me every night, helped me with my homework, and told me they loved me every single day. Experience had taught me that people would judge, pity, or lecture me if I was open and honest about my life, and after years of enduring these reactions, I didn’t have the energy to cope with them anymore. Today, people are shocked when I tell them I used to be an extrovert.Soon the rumour in my extended group of friends was that I had been sexually abused as a child and that I was mentally unstable. My older sister lent me her clothes and let me hang out with her and her friends. In high school and my first year of college, I was always the life of the party and the center of attention.John Palfrey, a Harvard University law professor and co-director of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, said the move from Craigslist was still a victory because it moved the ads off a highly visible location."Will people be able to find these ads online? "Will they be able to find these on legitimate sites? Attorneys general from 17 states sent Craiglist a letter last month demanding that it take down its adult services section, saying the company was not doing enough to deter prostitution and child trafficking.

Reactions were so negative, however, that I quickly realized I needed to be more selective about revealing this information.

He cited one explicit ad that included the phrase: "anything goes ."An attempt to reach Village Voice Media on Sunday was unsuccessful.

I was in my second year of college and struggling to make ends meet.

Craiglist's "adult services" section has been shut down in the U.

S., but prostitution on the Internet is alive and well - even, quite possibly, on Craigslist.

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